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48 Times a year in your inbox you will receive the Process Driven Macro letter. We cover global stocks, bonds, commodities, and currencies both long and short along with in depth business cycle and economic research.

Included in the letter are our two model portfolios.

One of our portfolios is a long only global asset allocation portfolio. Here we over, under, and zero weight different countries, indices, etc depending on what our leading growth/inflation indicators are pointing to. We take a lot of inspiration here from global risk parity strategies…but this is not technically risk-parity and is definitely not 100% rules based.

The other portfolio is a portfolio made up of global macro and event driven long/short opportunities across asset classes. The time frames in this portfolio range from a few weeks to several months depending on the trade criteria. This portfolio is more along the lines of a traditional go anywhere global macro hedge fund…whatever “traditional” means.

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