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In the institutional package you get everything in the newsletter and trader package-48 weekly letters each year, the long only global asset allocation model portfolio, the global macro long/short multi-asset class model portfolio, quarterly webcast/webinar, and monthly business cycle chart pack-As well as bi-weekly strategy webcasts and a monthly charts to make you think pack. The bi-weekly webcasts will cover everything from Q&A on current ideas and themes to what we are seeing in the market right now. The videos will be available in the members section so that you can refer to them anytime you want. The monthly chart to make you think pack is made up of whatever comes across our desk that is interesting. Some of it will be very non-consensus and some will be different takes on what the market is looking at. It will also cover emerging trends that we think are worth paying attention to even if there is no immediate trade, and maybe no trade at all. Trends like things happening in the VC, Crypto, and Private Equity spaces.

  • Product Price: 14 day trial for $1.00, $1,997.00/year
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